The NOPTIC® System: The Only Spotlight-mountedThermal Imaging Camera for Law Enforcement



Watch these Youtube videos to see just what NOPTIC can do! 


The NOPTIC® system is designed to mount on top of a police spotlight. This patented design allows the police officer to pan and tilt the camera using the spotlight handle inside the patrol vehicle. The camera connects to most in car video monitors and MDTs. The added benefit of using the NOPTIC® with a laptop in the patrol vehicle is that you can record video evidence using software we include with the system. Unlike a handheld thermal imaging camera, the NOPTIC® system is mounted to your patrol car so you will never forget it at the station or leave it behind at a scene.

The NOPTIC® system operates in complete darkness and at temperature extremes of -40 °F to 176 °F. It also has a built-in lens heater that activates automatically at temperatures below 40 °F to keep the lens clear of frost and ice. The system has been tested to ensure it is able to perform under tough use on patrol.



The NOPTIC® System is always on and ready to help. While on patrol, officers can scan large areas in complete darkness all from the safety of their patrol vehicle. The camera is designed to work with Windows based MDT configurations.


The NOPTIC camera sees differences in temperatures, so it isn’t effected by visible light. You can use it day or night. The camera only sees heat so it will not be blinded by oncoming headlights like cheap imitations. The camera will not be affected by using the headlights or spotlight at the same time.

Made in America of US.


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